Are you taking time to love on yourself?

Our negative thinking patterns are causing us to become sick and effect our most important daily relationships. We are blasted on a daily basis with low frequency thinking patterns that encourage us to be greedy, pervert the truth, consume more, feed the ego and forget that we are all connected as one in a forever expanding universe of cosmic love. 

My goal is to help people find the energetic blocks that are causing disturbances in their daily lives. Since we are all connected as humans on this planet we call earth. It is even more important than ever to realize that everything we choose to think about effects the people around us. We can consciously shift our energy fields by changing our thought patterns. And above all else always follow your heart as it knows exactly what you need at any given time.

My Passion

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I enjoy having deep conversations with like minded people. I love creating conscious upbeat music with family and friends. I write poetry and freestyle rap when in the zone. I love outdoors running, biking, climbing mountains and snow boarding down them! I also enjoy growing organic food and herbs for my body. Staying in shape is a must having 4 kids running around!

My Goals

To live true to my heart and listen to the source of love. Receive Wisdom to make tough decisions without hesitation, Trust in my intuition, Know I have grace for making mistakes and that I am always rewarded for showing up. Inspiring people to be come grateful givers in their every day lives and to live your truest life my listening to your heart and trusting the universe has your back!

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