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Follow me as I learn how to live true and follow my heart. When I embrace my spiritual awakening journey anything becomes possible. If I believe and have courage to embrace my shadow self I will transform my judgments into affirmations. I choose to forgive myself! I are worthy of love and affection. As the light enters the wounds in my heart my ego realizes it has no place left to hide. I choose to have courage and take back my power from past events that haunt my in the night. I choose to allow my tears to water the tree of life in my souls garden. I am trusting in the transformation process! Amidst all the pain inside is where my strength hides! I am calling out for my soul tribe to support me in this healing process! I Trust the universe has my back!

Perfect Love Casts Out Fear.

My Spiritual Awakening/Healing Journey

Hi my name is Caleb Schallert, welcome to my blog called The Grateful Givers. This is a place where I will be sharing my creative expressions writing, music, spirituality and more. I have been embarking on a spiritual awakening process/healing from traumatic child hood events including PTSD that I picked up after joining the USMC or United States Marnie Corps. The more shadow self I am willing to look at I can feel the opening of my third eye and it feels very uncomfortable at times. I am learning how to remember who I truly am, and how to re-spark the passion back in my self. Remembering my dreams, hopes and desires the ones I always had growing up as a kid, but somehow forgot during the last 34 years. I will never be the same person that I once was, this is very uncomfortable and exactly where I need to be. Out of my comfort zone!

Take a journey with me into my inner most intimate spiritual healing process. My intentions are to encourage others to take a judgement detox with me and learn to trust that Creator, Artist God, Source, Divine, Light, Universe, Allah or what ever you call it. Unconditional love always wins the darkness. The universe has our back. I am learning how to accept the things, I can not change and move through my trapped emotions. Also learning how to trust my bodies intuition with muscle testing and asking very specific questions to identify energy blocks in my body causing me to vibrate on very low frequencies. Depression, fear, anger, anxiety, which ultimately result in illness. I choose to let go of all negative thinking patterns and replace them with positive affirmations. I have the power to change my life by writing what I choose it to look like. I have the power to create my perfect life. I am free to express my heart and live true to the mission I accepted in the Akashic records

“I am love and my love stays with me always. I am safe, secure and fully funded in all things I choose to experience in this lifetime.” – The Grateful Givers

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The Grateful Givers

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